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The Lone Raven music LoneRaven
7.  Sadies Waltz/The River (Craig Markley/Bill Staines) 8.  David and The Ash Pelt (Traditional Welsh and Irish) 9.  Bonnie and The Quick Cure (Traditional Scottish/Craig Markley) 10.  A Winter Lullaby (Craig Markley) 11.  Trip to Toboso   (Craig Markley/Kirk Lynch)
1.  The Lone Raven (Craig Markley) 2.  Maud/Kara’s Reel (Craig Markley/Deborah Colon) 3.  The Breeze on Lake Ainslee (Craig Markley) 4.  Mother Beware (Craig Markley) 5.  Boba's Bounty (Traditional Breton/Craig Markley) 6.  Our Father's Garden (Craig Markley)
Tracks The Lone Raven
Craig Markley:    Whistles, Piano, Woodwinds, Accordions, Guitar, vocals, Hammond B3    Uilleann Pipes, & misc. percussion Beckie Boger:    Flute, Whistle, Harmony vocals Sid Omasta:    Bass, Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin Deborah Colon:    Fiddle, Viola Karl Colon:    Guitars With guest performances from:    Kara Markley  •  David Reddick  •  Cindy Matyi  •  Steve Matyi  •  Kay Harris  •    Jo Ellen Stearns  •  Mark Wade  •  John Sherman  •  Sue Mogan  • Produced and Engineered by Craig Markley Recorded at Lone Raven Studio     
Cover art by Cindy Matyi  
Cover design by Mike Diehl      www.MikeDiehl.com