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"Once Upon A Winter Moon is akin to opening a treasure chest; jewel after jewel tunbles out"                                                 -Carol Swanson/Christmas Reviews
Craig Markley-piano, accordions, whistles, guitar, percussion, vocal Kara Markley Sterling-fiddle, keyboard and vocal Neil Jacobs-12-string guitar, mandocello, tambura, prim Elizabeth Blickenstaff-fiddle, mandolin, vocal Liz Fisher-fiddle, keyboard, vocal
The concept for “Once Upon A Winter Moon” was created after the release of the holiday CD of the same title, and the show has been performing live to enthusastic audiences ever since. Father/daughter duo Craig and Kara are joined by an array of talented musicians, including Elizabeth Blickenstaff, Neil Jacobs, Liz Fisher and special guests.
Once Upon A Winter Moon the band
Imagine yourself in a warm cottage... on a crisp winter evening. Everyone is sitting at the kitchen table as a glistening blanket of snow covers the countryside. The fire is crackling, the kettle boils, and mugs of hot tea are passed around. Someone begins to play a spirited tune on the fiddle, soon joined by an accordion and guitar. The floor is cleared for a lively dance. Songs are sung, jokes and stories drift through the air, and you are lost in the moment. Welcome to “Once Upon A Winter Moon.” Bring your dancing shoes! Featuring unique holiday music from around the world, the Lone Raven Consort enchants audiences with boundless talent and energy. From peaceful airs to Irish lullabies and invigorating gypsy fiddle tunes, “Once Upon A Winter Moon” creates lasting memories and fills each listener’s heart with holiday joy.
Lone Raven Consort Lone Raven Consort
Rapidly becoming one of the top bands in the Midwest, Lone Raven performs an eclectic blend of traditional music from the Celtic lands and various areas of the world, as well as their own original compositions. With over 20 instruments on stage, the band soars through everything from fiery Irish Reels to Gypsy Fiddle Tunes to haunting airs. Their instrumentals are fueled by the twin fiddles of Elizabeth Blickenstaff and Kara Markley Sterling, while being driven by an explosive rhythm section consisting of Craig Markley and the award-winning guitar playing of Neil Jacobs. In addition, Kara's breathtaking and expressive vocals are featured throughout each performance, with Elizabeth and Craig adding the perfect harmony blend.
"From fiery Irish reels to Gypsy fiddle tunes of Romania to haunting airs, this band does it all and does it well!"                -Celtic Roots
Craig Markley-piano, accordions, whistles, guitar, percussion, vocal Kara Markley Sterling-fiddle, hurdy gurdy, keyboard and vocal    Elizabeth Blickenstaff-fiddle, mandolin, vocal Neil Jacobs-12-string guitar, mandocello, tambura, prim;  
Flight to the Hinterlands Lone Raven Lone Raven
"A musical journey that is, at the same time, an American creation and a child of the entire globe"   -Caliban Press
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