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RavenShack Music is an ASCAP affiliated publishing company and music production facility.  Our recording division is Lone Raven Studio, a small project facility nestled in a wooded area in Delaware County, Ohio. The studio provides a relaxed and quiet working environment, and supports a fully equipped Avid Pro Tools 11 HDX digital multitrack system.  We specialize in the recording of all types of acoustic-oriented music, as well as voice- over and narration.  The studio is equipped with state-of-the-art analog front end processing, and a vast microphone selection.  We are affiliated with ASCAP and offer services for publishing as well as arranging and composing for advertising, film, dance, etc. Studio owner and engineer, Craig Markley, has an extensive history encompassing all aspects of the recording, audio and music fields.  Although beginning his recording studies on analog tape, he has a comprehensive knowlege of digital recording and has been working on the Pro Tools DSP-based platform for over 18 years.
About Craig Markley
Our theory for recording acoustic music is to keep the signal path as pure as possible, so transparent electronics are typically a must. That being the case, we use only the highest quality mic preamps and compressors, so there is never a weak link in the signal chain.  Tube and solid state mic preamps from DW Fearn, Millennia Media, AEA, A-Designs and others give us a wide pallet from which to choose.  An assortment of large diaphragm condensers from the vintage U67 to the C12, along with a wide selection of ribbons and dynamic microphones permits us to select the best microphone for a particular voice or instrument.    
Our recording studio currently offers up to 96 track, 24-bit/192KHz high definition digital recording via a Pro Tools 11 HDX system, running on an 8-core Mac Pro.  We use AD/DA converters and clocking from Apogee Digital, and powered monitoring by Genelec, Focal and Grace Design.  Avid® Pro Tools HDX® systems are the most powerful, flexible, and in-demand digital audio workstations (DAWs) available. More music and post production professionals around the world use Pro Tools systems for their work than any other solution. Pro Tools|HDX systems deliver the unparalleled sound quality, processing power, and flexibility, which artists, engineers, and producers rely on to create countless award-winning albums and films. To supplement our Pro Tools system, we offer a vast selection of high-end plugins from such companies as McDSP, Metric Halo, Lexicon, UAD and others.  The UAD powered plugin platform has become an industry standard, as it offers the most realistic simulations of vintage hardware that is currently available. 
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