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Bridges of Time music LoneRaven
8.  Moments Beyond (Craig Markley) 9.  Greensleeves (Traditional) 10.  Not Losing My Hair (Craig Markley) 11.  Redtail Rising (Beckie Boger) 12.  The Sparrow Set (Craig and Kara Markley) 13.  The Water is Wide (Traditional) 14.  The Lone Raven (Craig Markley)
1.  Once Upon a Winter Moon/Gaudete (Craig Markley/Traditional Latin) 2.  The Brown Thorn (Traditional Irish) 3.  The Evening Song (Music-Markley/Douce, Lyrics-Traditional German) 4.  Erin's Shore/Morning Dew (Traditional Irish) 5.  Shivna (Traditional Irish) 6.  Round the Horn (Sid Omasta) 7.  Maud (Craig Markley)
Tracks Bridges of Time
Craig Markley:    Whistles, Piano, Woodwinds, Accordions, Guitar, vocals, Hammond B3    Uilleann Pipes, & misc. percussion Kara Markley Sterling:    Vocals, Fiddle, Flute, Harp and misc. percussion Beckie Boger:    Flute, Whistle, Harmony vocals Sid Omasta:    Bass, Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin Robb Jarrett:    Misc. percussion With guest performances from:    Molly Pauken  •  David Reddick  •  Cindy Matyi  •  Steve Matyi  •     Karl Colon  •  Deborah Colon  •  John Sherman  •  Michael Douce  • Produced and Engineered by Craig Markley Recorded at Lone Raven Studio     
Cover design/artwork by Mike Diehl      www.MikeDiehl.com